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Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork is a powerful natural technique for accessing the vast territory of our inner landscape. Developed by psychiatrist Dr Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, the process seems to activate our healing potential bringing into awareness experiences that shift our patterns, perspectives, and provide more expanded view of who we are and what our potential is.


The combination of an informed and open mind set, evocative music, accelerated breathing, and focussed bodywork offered in a safe and supported setting with highly trained facilitators supports an opening to expanded states of awareness. Breathwork can lead to the healing of emotional and physical trauma, and frequently brings a reduction in stress and anxiety. It can be helpful with depression and can support connection to emotional expression and creative inspiration. Participants frequently report feelings of greater well being and connection to deeper meaning, purpose, and engagement with life.

Martha and Dave have both completed the extensive training in Holotropic Breathwork with the international Grof Transpersonal Training directed by Tav Sparks. They offer Holotropic Breathwork in a number of formats.

  • Participate in open one day groups. These are facilitated by Martha and another facillitator. facilitators.


A pre-breathwork talk held online during the week prior to the breathwork day     : 1.5hrs

2 x Breathwork sessions - one as sitter and one as breather each session               : 3.5hrsx2

Mandala drawing and a concluding sharing circle as integration                                  : 2hrs =

Fee Schedule:

Full =        $400

Early =     $340

Bring a friend = -$50 each

Work/Attend  = please enquire

Information about the next workshop day



  • Organise a small group of 4 to have a private group Holotropic Breathwork experience. This would be in the same format as above but with one facilitator.

Cost for each person at $450

Group Introductory talk  $150 - divided between participants

  • Organise an individual Holotropic Breathwork session with one facilitator. These are conducted over two or three sessions.

Introductory talk (can be on phone or online or in person) 1hr                     $100      

Breathwork session and sharing 4hrs                                                                    $500

Follow up integration session if needed 1hr  (on the ph or online)              $100

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