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Counselling for Children

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This approach works with the natural communication method of children, PLAY. Working via therapeutic play, the process is child-centred and child-directed.

Play in this context is seen as both a natural mode of expression for a child and an avenue to explore and resolve tensions, conflicts, and difficulties. Play is a non-threatening, indirect approach whereby toys, games, stories, and art support the child to express both internal and external experiences, and work through them without becoming overwhelmed.

This approach can help with adjustments such as parental divorce, deaths, siblings, school changes, etc. Also with emotional and behavioural concerns such as attachment concerns, separation anxiety, aggression, sadness, nightmares, overstimulation, etc.

The counselling is creative and responsive to the specific needs of each child.

Support for parents is also available and indeed this can be an important addition to the work with a child. Here parents can learn new skills, gain understanding of the process, and address issues of their own that may be unduly influencing the situation.

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