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Journeylines is a retreat centre offering individual support with counselling/psychotherapy, supervision & retreats alongside group retreats, workshops, & training. We seek to offer depth support with respect for the inner healing process of each person using approaches that open expanded states allowing release and the emergence of inner wisdom and guidance.

'Journeylines' reflects that we are each on a journey, and where our paths meet provides opportunity for growth and healing. Our approach is creative, experiential and holistic, involving body, mind, heart and spirit. Specific modalities may include art, movement, Voice Dialogue, sandplay, dreamwork, Holotropic Breathwork, emotional release, meditation, and more......


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Holotropic breathwork is a profound natural process for deep inner exploration. We offer regular open workshops, small private groups and individual sessions. ....... More

Silent Retreats. Check out our program for regular Silent Retreats
In addition we offer individual retreats which can be silent or not.

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with Martha
Personal Growth Workshops. Through the year we offer personal growth workshops using dreams, meditation, breathwork, art, body and more. Some are open, some are themed, some for men.... more
Martha is a passionate scholar and has behind her a wealth of knowledge and experience. What I enjoy immensely is her sense of humour along with her deeply caring nature.
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