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Holotopic Breathwork
Nature and Forest Therapy
Individuals and Groups

Due to 2022 flooding Martha is only able to offer online therapy and supervision.
Holotropic Breathwork in person.
Nature and Forest Therapy in person.
Information about the next group breathwork day
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Journeylines offers a supportive space allowing you to work through issues in creative, experiential ways. The focus is on developing self awareness and accessing your innate wisdom as the guide in your journey of healing and growth.


At Journeylines we offer :

  • Individual therapy (online)

  • Clinical supervision or work supervision (online)

  • Group supervision (online)

  • Short bespoke professional development opportunities (online)

  •  Holotropic Breathwork (in person - Mullumbimby area)

At Journeylines new offerings are in development that combine the healing power of nature with therapy. The meeting of the Inner and Outer landscapes provides a rich interplay promoting health, wellbeing, healing and growth. These following offerings are in development as Martha is currently completing training. You are welcome to join a training walk.

  • Forest Therapy (in person)

  • Nature Immersion (in person)

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with Martha
Martha is a passionate scholar and has behind her a wealth of knowledge and experience. What I enjoy immensely is her sense of humour along with her deeply caring nature.
Colleague: L F

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(61) 0429492945 martha  (61) 0418482845 dave

P. O. Box 14

Goolmangar  NSW 2480

(Office in Lismore and Jiggi)

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