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Dave West

Facilitator Psychotherapist Counsellor Supervisor


Stone Cairn
Support for men using an experiential approach. I am passionate about working with men and mens' groups. I am available for individual Holotropic Breathwork sessions and Voice Dialogue sessions.
For more information about individual Holotropic Breathwork please click HERE.
Voice Dialogue is a process of exploring our different inner parts, developing awareness of who or what within us is sitting in the drivers seat. and allowing us to develop more choice and greater self understanding. An individual Session is typically 1.5hrs and the cost is a sliding scale $135 - $100.
Way of Council Men's Circle:
Fortnightly sharing circle supported with the practice of 'Way of Council', this approach provides a safe and structured environment for men to share from the heart. Way of Council is the practice of open, heartfelt expression and attentive, empathic listening. From this space transformation is possible. All who identify as male are welcome. Call 0418492945 or 02 66888242 (this is a space freely offered and if you feel moved to make a donation this is appreciated).

Men's Groups.

These groups are held over a weekend to allow men to do depth work, to be witnessed and held in a safe supportive environment.  They will be held twice a year in the Lismore region and twice a year in the Port Macquarie region. Keep your eyes out for the link and information about dates or check our Program page. First dates will be 12th and 13th May in Port Macquarie, brochure available here. More information please

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